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Parenting Tips

Get the right care for your child

Your kid is unique and special

There are no bad parents or bad children. There are only bad parenting styles. Your kid is unique and special, just as each thumb impression and each DNA are unique! Don't compare your kid with others but help him to be better than what he was yesterday.

Be a good role model to your child. Remember your child will do what you do, what you demonstrate.... not what you say! Children are best observers. They imbibe a lot from parents.

Spend quality time with your children every day as this ensures children are open with their parents. Spending money on quality toys/electronics will never equate this!

Appreciate children when they do something good, however small it may be! They are positive strokes.

Chide them positively for their wrongs...never hurt them. Hurt can go deeper, and the child will only rebel.

Your presence with them is more valuable for your child than your presents.

If a child doesn't learn the way you teach, then teach the way child learns. Don't get frustrated. Understand his limitations in learning or otherwise. Again, don't get tempted to compare!

Don't be over protective towards your kids. A little dose of stress is required for a healthy personality.

Have a discussion with your child to learn their point of view before imposing your thoughts on the child.

Nurture the child you have not the child you want.

Promote healthy physical activity from a young age for a sharper mind and a healthy body.

At all times, recall your younger days and how you were at that age....it helps you understand them better.

If one parent acts tough and chides the child, the other parent should comfort the child. But this should be a well-thought-out plan between parents. Roles should be reversed at times. This should be done carefully as a teamwork between parents, rather than score brownie points from children. This is purely to show love to kid and show that the child is always welcome at home.

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