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Sampoorna Vidyarthi Programme(SVP)

In today’‘s competitive world, every parent wants their child to excel. This leads to increased pressure on the tender minds of children, in turn increasing the gap between parents and children. Parents feel their children don’‘t understand them and vice versa. Adolescence brings along with it a lot of mood swings, anger outbursts, and defiance towards parents while trying to build their own identity. With proper guidance these kids can be brought back to right path and glowing future. This is ICGC’‘s signature program focusing not on illness but on maximizing wellness and potential.

Keeping this in mind, at ICGC, we have developed Sampoorna Vidyarthi Programme (SVP) to meet the unmet needs of school and college going students, to improve their academic performance and for betterment of relationship between parents and children. This program does not propose to brain wash the children to study more and behave better but uses scientific knowledge and  our own ancient Indian techniques like super brain yoga, pranayam to propel the child towards overall excellence.

Salient features of SampoornaVidyarthi Programme (SVP):

  1. Improvement of academic performance by teaching powerful study techniques
  2. Parent education and guidance
  3. Relaxation techniques
  4. Anger management
  5. Time management
  6. Memory and concentration improvement techniques
  7. Stress management
  8. Etiquette building
  9. Personality development

Stress and Anger management Workshop

Many times students face a lot of stress, be it academic or peer related or relationship problems. This is a time when they are neither children, nor adults. They do not want to discuss these problems with their parents nor with their friends. This along with the hormonal changes sets in a lot of stress which sometimes manifests as “anger outbursts/ defiant behaviour”.  Learning how to deal with strong emotions — without losing control is the key. It will take a little effort, a little practice, and a little patience, but we will help you to get there.

Our workshop will focus on difference between stress, eustress and distress, how to recognize stress and its impacts,relationship issues, stress and wellness cycle, ways to control emotional dysregulation, Identification of type A and type B personalities.
It will include a module on systematic training of a relaxation exercise( JPMR), mindfulness technique, assertiveness training, time management and anger management

Life skills training

We all want to live full, productive lives, but sometimes, we just don’‘t know where to begin. There is so much information ‘‘out there’‘ that it can be overwhelming and hard to sort out. Depending on the problem, what seems to work for one person, may not necessarily work for everyone.  There are so many different programs, strategies and techniques,  that it’‘s hard to chose the right one. 

One thing, however, is certain. If we want to accomplish anything in life and realize our full potential, we must have some skills - in this case life skills.

The term ‘‘Life Skills’‘ refers to the skills usually associated with managing and living a better quality of life, they help us to accomplish our ambitions and live to our full potential.Life skills equip students to thrive in the classroom and in the world beyond.

We have developed protocols across various age groups to impart life skills training to students. The results of life skills program for school and college students are extremely satisfying. They can be conducted in groups for similar aged school and college students.