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Parenting workshops

Aim of workshop: Motivate and nurture the genius in your child and enjoy the process of parenting

There are no bad parents or bad children, but bad parenting styles are common in today’‘s world dominated by nuclear families and absence of guidance from the grandmas and grandpas. Parenting is a science and an art. There are many ways to parent. There is no one right way to do it. Being consistent and showing firm love are keys to healthy and relaxed parenting. This workshop  includes  tips and tricks to successful parenting, importance of parents being good role models for their children, nurturing child’‘s self esteem, learning styles in children and the value of investing quality time for their child, common mistakes parents do and how to rectify them, how to ensure holistic development of the child, to enable today’‘s parents  break from the stress filled parenting experience to a more relaxed form of parenting, backed by years of scientific research.