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IQ Assessment

IQ Assessment

Many times students find them at a confusing juncture or crossroads. Everyone around is asking what they plan to do, everyone gives suggestions. This often leads to a lot of confusion, thus increasing stress. Often students find themselves taking a decision in a hurry and then regretting later.

We provide career guidance to students. It is important that students choose career based on their strengths & interests.


Four types of tests are administered for this purpose:


  1. Intelligence Test
  2. Aptitude Test
  3. Interest Test
  4. Personality Test


No prior preparation is necessary for the testing.


Once the tests are completed, detailed report is prepared based on the outcome of the tests, case history & observation done throughout the testing.


  • This report is then discussed with the student and his/her parents.
  • All the aspects of the report are explained in detailed and simple manner.
  • Constructive discussion is held with the student & parents to resolve their doubts and queries.