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Group therapy

Group therapy

 ICGC Team,


“Be the change you want to see in the world”

----Mahatma Gandhi


October 2nd, 2015 as the entire nation celebrated this special day in the memory of our own bapu in several various ways, ICGC too created special moments by gathering children and entertaining them to bring pleasant CHANGE rather GROWTH in their lives.

ICGC team planned and executed various activities and small competitions to enhance the personalities and channelize the potentials of the children. The activities were innovative and categorized according to the age group and the ability of the children.

Along with the fun and joy, development of each child in the areas of motor co-ordination, perception, team work, competition spirit, etc were also the aimed agenda of the celebration. Hence the games were child friendly as well as that would involve sensory integration.

 Children ranging from the age group of 4 years to 12 years participated and enjoyed thoroughly.

Sand, spoons, bottles, hula loop rings, feel balls, word flashcards and many more various aids were used for the games. To ensure that each child should get fair opportunity to exhibit his or her potential the games were categorized into Individual, Buddy & Group performances. Each child was marked and appreciated and the basis of their input and efforts. They were encouraged and guided to display decent social and adjustment skills. Kids happily mingled and communicated with each other.

All children showed great level of enthusiasm and participated with full zest & zeal which made our plan a joyful & success once again!!!!





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