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Effective Parenting in Todays World

Effective Parenting in Todays World

Aim of workshop: Motivate and nurture the genius in your child and enjoy the process of parenting

Registration Fees :500 Rs

Contact : 9820333068/28576232

Venue : ICGC(Indlas Child guidance Clinic), 405 B wing, Pranik Chambers, Sakinaka, Andhri East, Mumbai 72

This workshop includes information about various styles of parenting, tips and tricks to successful parenting, importance of parents being good role models for their children, nurturing child’s self esteem, learning styles in children and the value of investing quality time for their child, common mistakes parents do and how to rectify them, how to ensure holistic development of the child, to enable today’s parents break from the stress filled parenting experience to a more relaxed form of parenting, backed by years of scientific research. It will also include early warning signs of common childhood psychological disorders.
About the speaker: Dr. Vishal Indla completed MD and DNB in psychiatry from the prestigious Central government Institute, NIMHANS. He was awarded the Silver Jubilee Award and the gold medal for being the topper in the MD Psychiatry exam at NIMHANS in 2005. Received the World Psychiatric Association Fellowship Award for the year 2007 at Melbourne, Australia. He is currently Director at VIMHANS hospital, a Post graduate DNB teaching institution, at Vijayawada and Director of ICGC, Indlas Child Guidance Clinics with branches in Mumbai and Vijayawada, which are exclusive speciality clinics for child and adolescent wellness. Has conducted numerous workshops in schools and colleges for students and their parents on various aspects of child development and motivation. Has authored a book titled “Good parents, Good children” in telugu which was later translated into kannada too. 
Has appeared in press many times for his excellent workshops in various places.. Some of the recent ones are as follows:




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