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Principals take lessons on Child sexual abuse

Principals take lessons on Child sexual abuse

Via Times of India

MUMBAI: As students break for the summer vacation after a hectic exam schedule, school principals are doing their bit to update themselves. 

On Saturday, over 25 got together to take lessons on child sexual abuse. Psychiatrist Dr Majiri Deshpande spoke to the principals about intricacies of Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act (POCSO), 2012 and the role they play as a head of the institute. 

The principals raised concern about the dilemma they face while reporting a case. "On many occasions, the child opens up to us about the abuse but is afraid to speak to parents. When we approach them, they tell us they will handle the situation and do not want to report it to the police," said a principal. But the POCSO Act calls for mandatory reporting and a person who fails to do so can be given jail term. 

Principals also felt it was necessary to look into conditions child actors work in. "Shoots go on for long hours and the environment may not be conducive. This is also a kind of child abuse," said Revathy Srinivasan, principal, Smt Sulochanadevi Singhania School, Thane.

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